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Exclusive content

Give your loyal fans access to exclusive content to keep them hooked for days. Upload behind-the-scenes, outtakes and funny bloopers so there’s always something more to watch. Leverage your fan’s attention within your ecosystem by upselling merchandise or cross-selling other content.

Monetise in multiple ways

Invest in evergreen content or in trending content format. Buy rights to content and distribute in your walled platform. Distribute and monetise your Movies or TV Shows. Manage complex controls with custom templates. Launch Globally on the same day and date as your Theatrical release or go direct to your global viewers through your new online medium.


Communicate with your workforce all over the world through a one-stop solution with multilingual and global distribution abilities.Give your newbies access to training material and monitor their learning through live feedback and viewership tracking.Secure your content with DRM and Geo-blocking facilities.


OTT Education

With Over the Top content, enhance your students’ learning process by giving them access to quality education, anywhere, anytime.Host classes and teach your students with powerful tools. Reach your global learners virtually with ease. User-friendly dashboards to Schedule classes, manage and communicate with your students from your classes makes organisation and delivery of your teaching materials easier.

Schedule and Manage your material:

Seamlessly integrate students' and their parents' calendar with classes, meetings, and events. Keep everyone in the loop, simple as that.Give access to your management personnel to manage the entire institute's schedule, including classes, events, exams, and anything you need.


Sessions, Consultancy, Events. Everything you need

Public Workout session and Private coaching. Created, Managed and Distributed through one dashboard.Use built-in formats or experiment away. Our Talent pool will help you deliver the exact experience you want for your customer base.

Video Experience

Securely distribute your content with ease while we take care of maintenance and developmentRun Subscriptions for your Private videos, or show Ads on Public videos. Customise your revenue model to suit your business strategy.


Exclusive content = Engagement

A paywalled video platform is the perfect place to get a little closer to the team.
Capture and share moments like:
- Post-match highlights
- Interviews with peers
- Locker Room huddles

Live matches with scores

Create impactful memories for your viewers, by broadcasting live to a crowd of any sizes.
Easily provide score updates with onscreen lower thirds.

Multilingual commentary

Serve local audiences with global sporting events with supported multi-language audio streams.
Seamlessly switch between audio and video tracks while streaming the match to give fans the complete match experience.


Patient first approach

Create awareness and reduce widespread panic amidst global pandemics. Curate and distribute informative content on your native distribution channel with the best of your experts.

Stay ahead of the curve

Educate your medical and administration staff with the latest technologies and practices. Provide access to your staff on a secure platform curated with educational content in the form of video and audio.


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