You dream it, we
stream it

Launch a multi-screen
video on demand platform
built-in hosting, transcribing,
payment gateways, secure
storefront and a whole range of
customisations to choose from.

No Code

Leave the tech aspects to us

Easily the best part of working with us! Launch your own OTT platform without any knowledge of coding. Access your content management and analytics tools with just a click, with built in transcoding to save you the trouble of being on top of it all.


Don’t worry about formats

MP4? MOV? MKV? AVI? It doesn’t matter what format your content is, hit ‘upload’ without breaking a sweat and our transcoding engine will convert it into all the formats for platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Smart TV’s, with automated resolution optimisation as soon as you upload your content to the media library.


Your data. Protected.

Revidd is equipped with everything to handle and fight off any attempts to hamper your media library. Secure your content with custom water-marking, DRM (Data Rights Management) and Geo Blocking. Constant testing and audits allows us to ensure 360 degree protection.


Let the system work for you

Schedule your posts so you don’t need to keep coming back to post your content. Our integrated system helps you configure the content information and schedule when it has to be aired. Its as easy as that!

Payment gateways

Pay it your way

Revidd believes in giving you full control over your monetary gains, Everything you earn is yours to keep. Monetise your content however you want, be it Subscriptions, Pay Per View (PPV), or through Advertisements. Link up with some of our popular payment partners like Stripe, RazorPay, Paypal, or add in your preferred channel!

With multiple currencies

Make your platform truly global by enabling your International subscribers to pay in their native currency, with Revidd’s integrated multi-currency system.

Experience the joy of launching your  OTT now!

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