Breaking the Ice: Introducing Revidd


Hey there, Nice to meet you! We’re Revidd and we’re excited to be here.

Revidd is Inflolab’s flagship product and the brainchild of Kiran, Naresh, and Sampath, a dynamic serial entrepreneur trio with backgrounds in diversified fields of technology and market research. They share the vision of using cutting-edge technologies to solve issues. Being in the content industry for more than 10 years, the trio's move into video technology was quite obvious. All of it began with an internal 'hackathon' in October 2019 where each member of the team worked on everything from films to concepts.

This idea led to 'Remush', a short video platform focused on Artificial Intelligence. The product, which was created in less than three months, has won praise from the industry for its innovative features and performance-packed design.

The team's confidence was reinforced by Remush's enormous success in the video technology sector, which gave them the courage to enter the B2B market with Revidd, a dependable and user-friendly platform that helps companies expand by monetizing their content. It’s a problem that we faced and wanted to solve for ourselves first. Being a part of the success stories of our customers and working with Revidd makes the entire team more proud than before.

Over the years, Revidd has gone through many shifts and as a result, today we are offering five different services. Here’s everything you need to know about how we are different from others in the industry.

1. OTT Streaming Platform

With Revidd's no-code video platform, you can put away the technical aspects of creating your customised OTT platform and concentrate on refining your content.

Start streaming right away!

This isn’t all! The tailor-made storefront is provided with no mention of us on the platform making the space uniquely yours. You are in total control of the domain names, links shared on social media, real-time analytics, and many more!

You only pay for what you pick.

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2. Media Cloud

Media Cloud is the best location to keep your content processed, encrypted, and safe regardless of the technical aspects. With this service, you can select transcoding profiles leaving it to us to take care of the technical development of it. The fast uploads made the process efficient not having to fret over delays in uploads. You can also easily share the links with the appropriate viewers or embed your movies on other websites. We have space for all of the proprietors of your work if you have more than one. Invite all of your media owners and partners, and permit 100% transparent revenue sharing.

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3. Live

Live is a no-code platform that enables you to seamlessly power all of your events and hit new milestones with your audience. Deliver the ideal live performance to your audience. With 24/7 access to the platform irrespective of your location, you can multicast on popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to ensure that no viewer is missed. You only need to copy and paste the link to proceed.     


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4. Internet TV

Break free from the constraints of traditional TV and use the contemporary method of offering TV. InternetTV is a dynamic streaming platform designed to hold all of your material and engage viewers around the clock. Schedule your content, then select Broadcast carefreely. You have full control over giving views access and reviewing analytics to boost your performance. You have complete freedom to get the most out of our platform and your content thanks to our flexible pricing plans, which also include more organized and affordable options. 

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Still skeptical about our services? Feel free to reach out to us at or claim the one day trial run offered and try it for yourself.