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Training and informational videos

Upload and share all your content, be it lecture material, skill-enhancing tutorials, or training videos, all at the finger-tips of your members, old and new.

Events and celebrations

Stream and upload celebrations on your organisation’s page so none of your members/colleagues miss out on the fun. Manage all aspects of your event from one dashboard, hassle free. Optionally, broadcast your event externally on video platforms like Twitter and Facebook for maximised reach.

Live addresses and broadcasts

Stream and distribute live addresses, host conferences, invite delegates and guests without a worry, enhancing the traditional experience of attending meetings. Deliver an impactful experience for your participants with on-demand live sessions and take it up a notch by opening the floor up for questions, and engage visitors with quizzes, polls and open ended questions.

Conference calls and meetings

Stream, record and upload conference calls and meetings with key members of your organisation. Revidd’s Virtual Events Platform enables personalization for all your stakeholders, from individual attendees to special groups such as speakers, executives and VIPs, analysts and press, sponsors, and organizer employees.

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