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Explore a slew of awesome features within Spaces that enable you to manage videos in your organisation, from one place

Inbuilt meetings with auto record

Increase your company’s productivity with quick calls and user friendly video conferencing. Spaces also allows you to auto-record your meetings and store them on cloud - indefinitely

Webcam recording

Give your viewers a better experience by adding a webcam recording to your videos

Enterprise grade video storage

Store and backup the video knowledge data for your team. Retain whatever is uploaded, recorded, saved or shared amongst your organisation.

Video transcriptions

Make your video content more accessible to a wider audience with transcriptions, allowing them to review and analyse all of the information in the video.

Inbuilt screen recorder

Create how-to’s and explainer videos with seamless screen recordings that help you streamline efficiency

Attach documents

Enhance video content with supplementary documents such as transcriptions, graphs, notes, and flow charts to enable self-paced learning and review.

Video Streaming

Stream videos seamlessly for an unparalleled knowledge sharing experience, secured by our airtight DRM.

Powerful video CMS for everyone

Easily manage your content from a central location. This helps streamline the process of content creation and publishing, making it easier for you to keep your data up-to-date and relevant

Search within videos

Discover desired content effectively andseamlessly based on various criterias liketitle, description and tags attached.

Video LMS

Let the knowledge be delivered seamlessly with screen sharing and video conferencing. Feature your videos more interactively that can be shared for learners to learn at their own pace.

Video analytics

Stay up to date on how your content is being received by your organisation with real time analytics

Revolutionise the way you manage knowledge.
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