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Media organisations

Still storing your valuable content into disk drives? With Revidd Media you get a platform to securely store your content and seamlessly manage, share or broadcast it anywhere with our suite of in-built management tools.

Educational institutions

Education shouldn’t be held back by connectivity. Reach even the most remote areas of the world with your Educational content. Our automated transcoder makes sure to fit your content to your audience’s bandwidth.

Movie studios or SMEs

Just limited to a single geography because your content is made only in one language? Now you can add subtitles or audio for 100’s of languages and get access to different geographies for your content using Revidd Media.


Run your content heavy podcast, YouTube channel or website? It's now easy to add content, track and monetize it using Revidd Media. Upload your content with just a click and then manage or share it wherever you like.


Have partners for content? It's easy to now add, manage and track different media partners for your content using Revidd Media. Every media you or your partner loads into our platform can be tracked for traffic, revenue, etc and reports can be made for every media owner.

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