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Any-file Upload

On Revidd Media, you can upload videos, images, audio, documents with any file type or format and our system seamlessly processes it into appropriate and shareable format.

Fast Uploads

Uploading content is extremely easy on Revidd, you can load upto 5 items directly to the platform or directly drag-n-drop content into your media library with FTP from your favourite application.

Video Processing

Once your content is added to your media library, our in-built processing system transcodes it into various quality options within minutes so that your users get the right quality stream depending on their network coverage.

Sharing & Embedding

It's very easy to share content from your media library, you can easily add it to your website or apps by embedding it or through a public link that is provided once content is uploaded.

Captions & Subtitles

You can add captions and subtitles to your content in more than 150+ worldwide languages so that your content is international from the get-go.

Custom Transcoding

Want to transcode the content your way? Add in custom transcoding profiles onto our platform according to your needs and we take care of the rest.

Content Availability

With Revidd Media, it's easy to control the content availability. Once content is uploaded, you can make it private or public and choose how you manage your content.

Media Ownership

Have content provider partners? It's easy to manage ownership using Revidd Media and track files, analytics, revenue and media access separately for every media owner, all from your console.

Content management tools

On Revidd Media, you get a suite of content & media management tools like UID, tags, content search, filters, etc. that helps you to better upload, manage and track your content.


Once you’ve added content onto your media library, you are provided with real-time analytics on the media and everything can be managed and tracked from one-single console on Revidd.

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