Making the Right Choice: Finding the Best VKM Solution for Your Business


The importance of knowledge management is rising in the modern, fast-paced business environment. Video knowledge management systems have become a potent instrument in the quest for new and inventive data and knowledge management strategies by businesses. 

Businesses can simply access and share critical information by organising and keeping films in a single spot, making them a valuable resource for marketing, customer service, and employee training. It can be difficult to select the best video knowledge management solution for your company, though, given the abundance of options available. 

In this blog post, we'll go through the essential criteria to look for when picking a video knowledge management solution, contrast common choices, and offer advice on how to choose the one that's ideal for your company. The decision you make for your company's video knowledge management requirements will be clearer to you by the end of this blog.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Video Knowledge Management Solution

When choosing a video knowledge management solution for your business, there are several factors to consider:

1. Budget

It's essential to understand your budget in its entirety before choosing a video knowledge management solution. Pay-as-you-go choices, monthly or yearly memberships, one-time payments, and other pricing structures are all available. Decide how much you are willing to spend, then pick a product that is within your budget.

2. Size and needs of your organisation

The number of users that will access the software and the amount of storage space needed will depend on the size of your organisation. If your company is small, a simpler solution can be sufficient. A more reliable solution that can manage bigger volumes of data may be required for larger organisations.

3. Types of videos to be managed

Choose the categories of films you want to manage, such as instructional, product, or customer service videos. Make sure that the programme can meet these requirements, including the capacity to record, save, and distribute video footage in a number of different formats.

4. Features and capabilities of the software

A solution with a variety of features and capacities is what you should seek out. Easy video capture and uploading, comprehensive search and filtering capabilities, the ability to tag and add metadata to videos, and analytics to track video engagement and effectiveness are some crucial features to look for. Make sure the solution you select offers the features that are most crucial to your company.

5. User interface

Select a programme that has an intuitive user interface that is simple to use. This is crucial for non-technical users, who could have trouble navigating intricate user interfaces.

6. Customer support

Choose a vendor that provides helpful training choices and customer support so that you can get help when you need it. Take into account the quality of assistance available, as well as how quickly the vendor answers to questions and the type of support provided.

7. Integration with other tools and applications

Verify that the solution interfaces properly with other programmes and devices that your company already utilises, such as your customer relationship management (CRM) or learning management system (LMS) software. In doing this, you can make sure that your video knowledge management solution is a part of an integrated ecosystem of tools that support your company's operations.

You can select a video knowledge management solution that matches the unique demands of your company and enables you to get the most out of your video material by taking the time to consider each of these considerations.

Comparison of Video Knowledge Management Solutions

On the market, there are a variety of video knowledge management solutions, each with a unique set of features and capabilities. Here is a comparison of a few of the best known options:

1. Panopto

Panopto is a video management solution that makes it simple to find and analyse video content by offering sophisticated statistics and a powerful search engine. Additionally, it has capabilities like live streaming assistance, automatic speech-to-text transcription, and video editing. Panopto is a great choice for educational institutions and enterprises of all sizes since it connects with well-known learning management systems (LMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

2. Kaltura

Video editing, video transcoding, and multilingual support are among the functions offered by the cloud-based video platform Kaltura. Additionally, it offers a customisable video player and facilitates sharing on social media. Kaltura is a wonderful alternative for companies who want to incorporate video in their marketing plan because it integrates with well-known LMS and CRM platforms, as well as email marketing solutions. 

3. VidGrid

A video platform called VidGrid allows users to edit videos, screen record them, and include interactive elements like surveys and quizzes. It also offers real-time annotation and commentary, which makes it a good choice for remote teams. Popular LMS and CRM systems, as well as applications like Salesforce and Slack, are all integrated with VidGrid.

4. Vidyard

A video marketing platform called Vidyard offers tools like video hosting, video analytics, and a video player that can be customised. Moreover, it provides lead generating and customised video marketing capabilities. Businesses wishing to use video in their marketing can use Vidyard because it interacts with well-known marketing automation systems like HubSpot and Marketo

5. Wistia

The Wistia video hosting platform allows users to add interactive elements to films, including calls-to-action and email capture forms, as well as customisable video players and video statistics. Additionally, it offers interfaces with well-known marketing automation systems like Marketo.  and HubSpot. Businesses who wish to produce and host high-quality videos for marketing purposes may consider Wistia.

It's essential to compare various video knowledge management options and take into account aspects like cost, features, and compatibility with other programs and tools. Choose a solution that satisfies your demands by taking into account the characteristics that are most essential to your company. To further understand how each solution operates and determine which is ideal for your company, it may also be useful to request a demo or trial.

Choosing the Right Video Knowledge Management Solution

Making the best decision for your company's video knowledge management needs might be challenging. Here are some pointers to assist you in making the best decision:

1. Define your requirements

It's important to determine your specifications before you begin comparing various video knowledge management solutions. Take into account the types of videos you must oversee, the people who will be in charge of producing and overseeing the videos, and the qualities that are most crucial to your company. This will enable you to focus your search and select the item that best suits your requirements.

2. Consider ease of use

Your video knowledge management system should be simple to use for both content producers and users. Look for software that can be used without much technical knowledge or training and has an intuitive user interface. Consider options that provide mobile apps, which make it simple to access movies from anywhere.

3. Look for integration options

Your company's learning management system, customer relationship management program, and marketing automation platform, among others, should all work seamlessly with your video knowledge management solution. Your workflows will be streamlined, and your data will be synchronised as a result.

4. Evaluate security features

To protect your films and data, video knowledge management solutions should have strong security features. Look for systems that provide user authentication, secure hosting, and data encryption both in transit and at rest.

5. Consider scalability

Your needs for video knowledge management may alter as your business expands. You should look for solutions that can grow with your company and handle more users, video content, and features.

6. Check ratings and reviews

Check the reviews and ratings of the video knowledge management solutions you are considering before making a final decision. This can help you understand the solution's effectiveness for other companies as well as any difficulties or constraints you might encounter.

You may manage your video material successfully by using the correct video knowledge management solution, which can be found by using the advice in this blog. 


Video content is becoming more and more crucial for organisations of all kinds in the modern digital environment. Therefore, success depends on selecting the best video knowledge management solution. It's crucial to take into account aspects like scalability, integration possibilities, ease of use, and security features when comparing different systems. You may select a solution that matches your demands and offers the features and capabilities your organisation needs by outlining your precise criteria and looking at reviews and ratings.

Ultimately, firms may save time and money, increase productivity, and improve team collaboration with the aid of a well-designed and properly deployed video knowledge management solution. Businesses may pick the best video knowledge management solution to help them flourish in today's digital landscape by using the advice provided in this blog.

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